Why Beet Works?

Our main specialization is agriculture and everything related to this area.
We know where we can find a candidate for you. Ideal recruitment with BeetWorks Coach: The most promising talent is pre-filtered for you. Our AI will spread your budget across channels that promise the best price per app (CPA).

Our Advantages

All active applicants
Your job opportunities will be available on our job platform as well as all other relevant job announcement boards and search engines.
All target audience
With effective marketing and social media marketing, you are guaranteed to reach a significant target audience of people looking for work in hidden mode.
Best Fit
Our JobCoach selects the most promising candidates for you and provides a higher level of recruitment.
Software solution
Recruiting analytics help you identify which talent is right for your search - automated, budget-optimized and focused.
Gain in time
Get applications to any candidate tracking system (ATS) you like. No extra effort, through our partner.
Counseling on an equal footing
We monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns on a daily basis and strive to achieve the best results for you.

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With our technology you will reach 100%! Actively contact applicants exactly where they are daily. Wide coverage and accurate matching to more than 4,000 channels.
Has it become curious? Get advice on how your recruitment can be easier and faster with Beet Works.

What our customers say

"We have close cooperation with BeetWorks".
William Myers | Head of Media "Media&Stone"
"We appreciate the trusting cooperation and look forward to the next few years together!".
Edna Snyder | Business Development "DS Media"
"With several joint projects over the years, Beet Works has grown into a partner that is simply part of high-performance staff marketing and effective job marketing".
Pedro Berry | CEO "Top Furniture"
"With BeetWorks, we can look back at numerous successful campaigns and a performance-focused approach to posting jobs is ideal for us".
Hugh Jones | Head of Recruitment "RecrStar"

Select the right products

Individual approach
399€/per month
Your digital headhunter
Individual campaigns for individual job ads
Starting with a job advertisement
Fixed price, 30 days
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Broad coverage
780€/per month
More skilled traffic to meet your high recruitment needs
From 50 job ads
100% performance-based billing
Price per click, 30 days
Choose it
3100€/per month
Individual campaigns for your mass recruitment
From 100 job ads
100% performance-based billing
Bid price, 30 days
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